Emily here, and I'm a fashion designer that was born to create for the artist in YOU! I specialize in customized luxury outerwear and special occasion pieces. You might have seen me on Project Runway Season 13 and Project Runway Allstars Season 5. ANYWAYS...Let's talk about YOU and what you like to wear..YOU already know what you LOVE....YOU like to stand APART from the crowd, but comfortably so...YOU are a romantic at heart, but your exterior screams "DON'T **** with me!" YOU love fashion, but you are not into it's snobby elitist attitude. YOU have a great eye, but are not trend driven. YOU want to leave a mark, make a difference, and YOU already have your own individual style. NOW...Let's talk about what I can make for YOU...

CUSTOMIZED, LUXURY OUTERWEAR: My jackets are made from the highest quality textiles and are completely customizable. Let me work with you one on one. Text me! Don't be shy...Do you want cashmere, double faced alpalca, silk twill lining? Do you have super long arms? Or maybe one arm?? Or no arms??? This jacket is for YOU and there is only one YOU. My promise to you is that we will create together, the most talked about piece in your wardrobe that you can wear with your favorite jeans and t-shirt for an instant outfit elevation. One that turns heads and throws loads of compliments in your direction, while you are SO comfortable that you could take a nap...or do some yoga.

CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND SPECIAL OCCASION PIECES: Sometimes you just want everyone to leave you alone...why can't people just give you some space? But...There are definitely those special occasions where you want all eyes on you! Whether it's for that wedding of your dreams, or that MEGA party of the year, Let's work together to ensure that you are looking and feeling on top of the world in a one of a kind piece that is a conversation starter. So drop me a line, let's go get COFFEE, and create something


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